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Agape International prefers to call our orphanages “homes” because we do our best to create a family-like environment for the children in our care. Each home has up to 45 children, house parents, a cook, and “Ayas” that help with child care and cleaning.

There are approximately 250 children who now call Agape "home", and about one third of them are living with HIV. We have seven children’s homes, each for a specific gender, age group and HIV status.

Most recently, Agape opened a new home to provide the dedicated attention needed by four abandoned HIV-positive babies. They were brought to us by local government and non-government organizations who knew we would provide the care these children need and deserve.

Agape is working on securing a home where our college boys can have a quiet place to focus on their studies (our college girls attend residential programs). This is all part of our ongoing efforts to provide stable, loving care for our children from the cradle through college.


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