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Sponsorship Opportunities

Child Sponsorship

The best way to impact the life of one of Agape’s children is through sponsorship. By doing so, you provide a family-modeled home environment, nutritional meals, medical care and an education to a child in need. Agape offers co-sponsorships of infants during their first two years, which helps cover the extra cost of diapers, formula and 24/7 care for babies. Having a sponsor care about them makes a big difference in all of our children’s lives. To help build continuity in our children’s lives, we suggest a two year commitment.

  • $29/month or 350/year HIV negative
  • $54/month or 650/year HIV positive
  • $42/month or 500/year Infant co-sponsorship through age 2

Sponsorship donations can be made in part or in full on our Donate page.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Donations of any amount for Agape’s Education Fund are always welcome, and needed!  These help cover Agape School and unsponsored college student exepenses.

College Sponsorships

A college education is incredibly affordable in India. $3,000 will pay for a two year program, and a $7,500 sponsorship covers five full years. This includes room, board and all educational expenses. College sponsors open the doors of opportunity to Agape students that help ensure a prosperous future.

Several of our college students are in need of sponsors.
     Co-Sponsorships (3 per student) - $42/month or $500 per year
     Full college sponsorships are $125/month or $1,500 per Year
          Jr. Collge is a 2 Year Program
          Degree College is an additional 3 Years
Browse through students needing sponsors at this page by selecting "College" under Education.

         Classroom and Orphanage Sponsorships

Impact a group of children!  Donations at these levels qualify for:
                Classroom Sponsorship - up to 25 students - $2,500/year
                Orphanage Sponsorship - up to 45 orphans - $15,000/year

Child Sponsor FAQS

A Day In A Life at Agape Video

See what a “Day in a Life” at Agape is like by viewing this 8.5 minute video


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