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Get Involved (Child Sponsorship)

Thanks for considering sponsoring a child at Agape

Child sponsors are an important part of the Agape family. They help defray the cost of providing the children a family-like home, nutritious meals, medical attention, and the education that every child deserves. Your annual sponsorship helps make all we do possible.


What makes Agape different from other orphanages?

FAMILY ~ Agape is committed to maintaining a family-like environment for our children. Therefore, we limit of our orphanages to 45 children with house parents, a cook, and “Aya’s” who clean and provide child care.

AGAPE’S SCHOOL ~ Many of Agape’s children received little or no education prior to coming to Agape due to the economic and health issues of their families.
Agape established its own school so that even the HIV positive children, who would not be accepted into local public schools, could get a good education and be better prepared for a future with promise. Agape’s school off ers a complete education from pre-kindergarten through high school in English, which greatly increases employment options after graduation.
The school also has a library, science and computer labs, and offers clubs like cooking and dancing so children can develop skills and interests.

COLLEGE ~ Most orphanages dismiss children are when they are old enough to complete high school. Agape’s high school graduates, who are interested in going to college and have the grades that will allow this, are encouraged to do so. Agape supports the students through Junior College as well as advanced college if they keep up with their studies.
Four graduates of Agape’s school have successfully earned bachelor degrees in college.  They are now building futures beyond what many could ever hope or imagine for a poor child, orphaned by AIDS with no place to turn.  More than a dozen students are currently attending college and are in need of support.  Please considering donation to an educaiton fund or sponsoring a college studen in part or in whole. You will help equip orphans for the future, and to “give back” for all they receive at Agape.

What is the cost of sponsorship?

The cost of sponsorship is $29/month or $350/year for a healthy child and $54/month or $650 for an HIV positive child. Agape occasionally has infants who need sponsors. Costs for special 24/7 care, diapers, and formula really adds up. Therefore, Agape offers co-sponsorship opportunities for infants. This way, two sponsors share the $1000 expense by paying $42/month or $500 each per year for the first two years of the baby’s life.  


How should I make my sponsorship donation(s)?

You can make your sponsorship through automatic monthly donations (recommended) by registering and setting up pages on our Donate page.  You can also pay by installments throughout the year, or one donation for sponsorship for the entire year.

The benefit of registering includes the ability to set up automatic monthly donations, view and print donation receipts, update your contact information, and see your childs photos and details.


Tax-deductible sponsorship donations can be made by:

  • Registering and setting up automatic monthly credit or debit card on our donate page
  • Donating in part or in full at our donate page
  • Mailing check(s) payable to
    Agape International
    PO Box 51
    Ashland, MA 01721


Will my child communicate with me?

Your sponsored child will send you at least one letter a year. Coordinating letter writing and taking photos of more than 250 children is a big job and, given our lean staff , we are only able to commit to one “official” letter and photo per year. However, some of the children write letters on their own initiative – so you may receive more.


Can I write to my child? Where should I send letters?

Yes! The children love to get letters as well as photos (please, no photos in bathing suits!). They love to hear about your family, and your “favorites” (sports, food, activities).

Please contact Agape for the mailing address.

Can I send gifts to my child? What’s appropriate/needed?

Yes, you should feel free to send gifts to your child. Initially we struggled with this given that some children receive gifts and others don’t, but in the end decided that this is an important way to connect with your child.


If you would like to remember your child in a special way, you can enclose small items in letters to your child. Some items which children will enjoy for many months are stickers, bookmarks, picture postcards and other flat, inexpensive items. 


We suggest small, age appropriate items such as books, match box cars, card games, or coloring paper and pencils. Please bear in mind that shipping to India is expensive, and that if there is any custom duty applied to your package on the India side (which can happen) we may ask the sponsor to reimburse Agape for this expense. Please contact Agape for the mailing address.


Contribute Towards Your Child(ren)’s Holiday Gift

Agape provides each child with a holiday gift including a toy, new clothes and new school supplies. We do not include this cost in the sponsorship. If you would like to cover this cost for your child, we would welcome the additional contribution of $35 per child during the holidays.


Can I adopt a child through Agape International?

Agape International believes strongly in adoption. However, we are not an adoption agency. The local government does not have any private adoption agencies; all adoptions are handled by the state.


Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Donations of any amount for Agape’s Education Fund are always welcome, and needed!  These help cover Agape School and unsponsored college student exepenses.

Several of our college students are in need of sponsors.
     Co-Sponsorships (3 per student) - $42/month or $500 per year
     Full college sponsorships are $125/month or $1,500 per Year
          Jr. Collge is a 2 Year Program
          Degree College is an additional 3 Years
Browse through students needing sponsors at this page by selecting "College" under Education.

Impact a group of children!  Donations at these levels qualify for:
      Classroom Sponsorship - up to 25 students - $2,500/year
      Orphanage Sponsorship - up to 45 orphans - $15,000/year


Thanks Again!

It is the support of generous, compassionate people like you who make our work possible. You can truly making a difference in a sponsored child’s life. We would be very happy and grateful to have you as part of our Agape family!



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