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Sponsorship Opportunities

Child Sponsorship:

The best way to impact the life of one of Agape’s children is through sponsorship. By doing so, you provide a family-modeled home environment, nutritional meals, medical care and an education to a child in need. Having a sponsor care about them makes a big difference in all of our children’s lives. To help build continuity in our children’s lives, we suggest a two year commitment.

  • $325/year HIV negative
  • $650/year HIV positive

See what a “Day in a Life” at Agape is like by viewing this 8.5 minute video

Child Sponsor FAQS


Classroom & College Sponsorships


College Sponsorships

A college education is incredibly affordable in India. $3,000 will pay for a two year program, and a $7,500 sponsorship covers five full years. This includes room, board and all educational expenses. College sponsors open the doors of opportunity to Agape students that help ensure a prosperous future.


Classroom Sponsorships

Agape’s children love school! By investing in their education through a $2,500 Classroom Sponsorship, you provide up to 25 students with a teacher and educational materials for a full year.

Education Sponsorship Options


Gifts in Honor

You can pay tribute to someone who values or valued the work that Agape hopes to accomplish in the third world. Agape will acknowledge your thoughtful gift to the family or friends whom you designate. Agape also has holiday, birthday and other giving programs for children and adults. Each person that makes a donataion in honor of a friend or loved one's special event will recieve a special 'thank you' from Agape acknowleding their gift. You will be provided names and addresses of everyone that made donations in honor of you or your child's special occasion.

Gift in Honor Donations
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